Honeymoon Travel Tips

Want to make sure your honeymoon is hassle-free? Think about taking honeymoon travel insurance for added protection from both natural and manmade causes.

Honeymoon makes up for a gigantic chunk of the marriage budget, in case you are going in another country. So it is important to think about defending it with honeymoon travel insurance.

Reasons to Buy Honeymoon Travel Insurance

The honeymoon location determines the range of risk factors involved that can be covered by the travel insurance. There’s things that can happen any time and there’s area- or trip-specific things such as in case you taking a cruise. A number of the reasons include bad weather, medical emergencies, bankruptcy and cancellations. Travel insurance is also essential if your honeymoon plan includes indulging in extreme sports or activities that can get hazardous, for example, scuba diving, bungee-jumping, hiking through rough terrain/mountain or even camping in dense forests. Medical emergency is the largest risk factor anywhere and you require to make definite you are covered for that.

How to Buy the Travel Insurance

Compare the prices & coverage provided by the travel insurance firms before selecting the insurance carrier. Travel agents can be helpful when booking a honeymoon package & getting travel insurance as they can get you a lovely deal. Policyowner coverage ought to include travel supplier bankruptcy, accidents, airline issues like flight cancellations, change in designs for the trip & emergency assistance. It is better to buy an independent policyowner than from the travel company you booking your honeymoon trip with. Keep in mind that the travel insurance can cost anywhere between five -10% of the total cost of the honeymoon trip, so make place in your wedding budget.


The trips that require travel insurance the most are if you are buying an expensive, non-refundable honeymoon cruise or tour packages.Some other policy coverage services include baggage claim, loss of passport assistance, direct settlement for in-hospital medical expenses abroad and medical evacuation or repatriation.Do your homework online and gather info about all travel-related issues at your honeymoon destination so that you can customize your insurance accordingly if needed.Carry your policy with you and also keep a copy of it at home with your parents or family members who can produce it on notice.Look for policy with clause that says “cancel-for-any-reason” as this will be the most generous cancellation option and can get you back most of your money if you need to cancel the trip.Read the fine print! Any policies that you are comparing, read the fine print to see what exactly it says so that you are not deceived. Read a couple of times and make sure you know what you are signing.

Travel insurance for honeymoon might appear like an expensive ticket item in your budget, but it can come to your rescue when needed. Shop around a small bit before you buy to make sure you are getting the best owner coverage for the best cost.

Ways to Plan a Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park

Located in the north-central part of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain National Park is spread across 265,761 acres of land. The park is split into two distinct portions, resulting from the Continental Divide, owing to which, each portion has its own distinct character. The eastern portion is dry and boasts of cirques and glaciated peaks. On the other hand, the western portion is a wetter region, dominated by deep, lush green forests.

A trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park is something that each and every visitor to Colorado should undertake. With its grassy meadows, crisp alpine air, awe-inspiring lakes and streams, snowcapped peaks, and a stunning wildlife, the park attracts over three million tourists each year. Here is Buzzle’s guide to help you plan your trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Tips to Plan a Trip

When to Go

The park is open all through the year; however, it is fully accessible for only half the year. Mid-June to mid-August is the busiest period in the park, and so, it is heavily crowded at this time. However, if you want to avoid crowds, the best time to visit is during winter; it is bitterly cold; however, it is also serene and peaceful.

Traveling to the Park

► The park’s nearest airport is the Denver International Airport, which is located at a distance of 1 hour and 45 minutes from the park.

► Private car rentals are available from the Denver International Airport. Another affordable option from the airport is to take the Estes Park Shuttle service that offers trips to the neighboring Estes Park and back, at reasonable rates.

► If you are traveling in winter, you can also access the park via the Eagle County Regional Airport, which provides only seasonal services.

Traveling in the Park

► In the park, most major trailheads can be easily accessed by car. There are three roads that can guide tourists through the park.

► The Trail Ridge Road, a.k.a. U.S. Highway 34 or the Beaver Meadow National Scenic Byway, is the highest continuous paved road in the United States. This is a long road, spanning across the Continental Divide, and providing access to both sides of the park.

► The Old Fall River Road was the first ever road to have penetrated the park, and it linked both sides. It still exists; however, it is a narrow route, permitting only one-way traffic from Sheep Lakes to the Alpine Visitor Center.

Note: The Trail Ridge and the Old Fall River roads are closed in winter, and generally, do not open till late spring.

► The 10-miles long Bear Lake Road begins close to the Beaver Meadows Entrance, and provides access to the Moraine Park and the Bear Lake. The Bear Lake Road is open throughout the year.

Lodging Facilities

► The Rocky Mountain National Park does not have any lodging facilities within its premises; however, these can be found in the nearby towns of Grand Lake and Estes Park.

► The park offers ample camping facilities; it has two designated areas for group camping―one each for summer and winter seasons―and five drive-in campgrounds. While some of these campsites require people to make prior reservations, others work on a first-come, first-served basis.

► Furthermore, if you intend to camp overnight in the park’s backcountry or wilderness, you will require a special permit to do so. In order to ensure minimum human intervention in the park’s natural resources, only a limited number of permits are granted annually, and you may obtain one from the Backcountry offices in the park.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is one of the major issues that most visitors to the park have to face. The entire park is at an elevation of 7,500 feet, with more elevated areas going as high as 14,259 feet. It takes a little time to get acclimatized to such a height, and many visitors may experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, dehydration, and so on. Drinking plenty of water can decrease the intensity of altitude sickness.

Things to Do

► With an extremely adventurous terrain, the Rocky Mountain National Park offers a lot of thrilling activities. These include hiking, climbing, horseback riding, river rafting, kayaking, boating, and fishing.

► Scenery is the main attraction of the park, and hence, even if you are not an adventure-seeker, the park will still treat you well. The park offers guided wildlife and birdwatching tours, alongside some easy hikes and scenic drives. All these make for some great individual as well as family fun.

► For curious minds, there are a variety of nature-centric learning programs offered in the park. Right from mountain ecology to learning how to track a moose to the junior ranger program, there are plenty of learning opportunities for visitors of all ages.

Note: Follow what your guides tell you, and do not break any rules. Moreover, respect the sanctity of the natural environment of the park, and do not harm or provoke the wild animals.

► You can also visit the various visitor centers, located in the different parts of the park. Apart from having curio shops and bookstores, they also have different kinds of exhibits and displays related to the park.

Other Tips

► While you are in the park, the weather can change suddenly and drastically. A bright and sunny day can suddenly turn highly windy and wet (or snowy). So, wear layered clothing, and carry sunny and rainy gear.

► If you get caught amidst a lightning storm, stay away from isolated tress and summits, and try to find shelter. However, do not enter small caves, etc.

► Wild animals are very unpredictable. Maintain a safe distance at all times, do not feed them, and avoid doing things that may threaten or provoke them.

► Do not drink water from the park streams as it may cause water-borne disease(s).

► If you are on a snowfield, be particularly careful, and avoid strolling on steep slopes, unless you are accompanied by a guide.

So, whether you are planning to go with a loved one or with your family, the Rocky Mountain National Park will come across as a great getaway. Indulge in adventure activities, delve in moments of peace, and take a lot of photographs. This will indeed be a memory to cherish.

The Guide of Mexico Travel for You

Find the list of best rated Mexico travel agents which covers nearly every segment and component of travel, from visa issue, to air flights, hotels, tour guides and excursions in the most exciting destinations of Mexico.

Mexico is a country of stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and snow-capped volcanoes. It is known for its rich history, the archaeological monuments of the Aztecs and Maya, the colonial palaces which attract tourists.

Mayan pyramids in Mexico are the real monuments of antiquity. The country has a sufficiently large number of them, but only a few are accessible, since most of the pyramids are covered with thick tropical vegetation, or buried under the soil, so that at first glance they look just like green hills.

Pyramids of Teotihuacan are among the most famous ancient constructions. Two of the largest and best preserved pyramids were dedicated to Maya gods of the moon and the sun. The largest pyramid in the world, the pyramid of Cholula, is bigger than the pyramid of Cheops, but unfortunately the larger part of the pyramid has collapsed. The first-class resorts in Mexico include Cancun, Playa de Carmen, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, Mazatlan, and others.

In 1325, the Aztec Indians founded Mexico City. Legend has it that the gods commanded the Aztecs to build the capital there. Nowadays it is the oldest and most rapidly developing city of the New World, as well as the largest metropolis in the world. The city is a veritable open-air museum, there are more than 1,400 historical relics and monuments. The surroundings of Mexico City include dozens of parks and recreation centers, more than 2,000 restaurants, more than 80 museums, theaters, concert halls, 8 universities and several academies. The density of the population is enormous.

The area of El Zocalo is the center of the city, it is also known as Constitution Square, the second largest in the world, which is surrounded by colonial-era buildings. The most prominent ones are Cathedral Metropolitano and the Palace of Cortes. The most famous miraculously preserved Aztec building is Templo Mayor. Downtown area of Mexico City is a unique archaeological area with stone foundations of ancient buildings of the Aztecs, dominated by the Catholic cathedral and numerous modern apartment buildings.

A popular attraction is the park next to Alameda. Many tourists also visit the Palacio de Bella Art, where one can see the best works of Mexican culture. The pedestrian zone and the nightlife district, Zona Rosa, are marked by a variety of shops, stores, restaurants and cafes, all located in the heart of the giant megapolis.

Cancun is a network of beaches, resorts and parks, stretching for 140 km along the coast of the Caribbean Sea to the town of Tulum. The city consists of the business mainland and the resort island of 25 km. The coastal waters are decorated with coral reefs, which begin near the island of Conti (the second largest reef in the world). Few resorts can match the beauty of Cancun and the cleanness of the sea. Not far from the place, there is a good selection of archaeological sites and nature reserves, including the clean white beaches.

The port city of Acapulco is the famous ‘Night Capital of Mexico’: the city of entertainment, shows and restaurants. It is known for excellent beaches and restaurants, the Spanish fort of San Diego, and the beautiful Cathedral de la Soledad.

Yucatan Peninsula is the cradle of Mayan civilization and the center of a huge number of archaeological sites, which attracts many fans of action sports and diving.


Amazing of Underwater Bali

Bali is one of the most blissful locations in the world. It is not just the sparkling blue ocean and the truly soothing scenery that does wonders to your soul for Bali is a paradise underwater as well. It is one of Indonesia’s main islands, and the nation’s geographical location on a high volcanic zone also known as the ‘Ring of Fire’ has given rise to over 18,000 tiny perfect little islands. This, topped with an underwater glamour that boasts a rich Bio diversity with over 1,200 different species, makes Bali one of the top holiday destinations in the world.

In many countries, if you want to enjoy the underwater riches you have to already be a pretty good diver. But if you are in Bali, even if you know nothing in the world of diving you need not worry; for you can learn everything from scratch with the excursion of Nautilus Diving Bali. Nautilus Diving was set up to provide an array of professional diving services that enables maximum individual care for all those interested in exploring this underwater Eden. Its most popular facility is the Scuba Diving short Course. The Scuba Dive Course trains primarily young adults, but a couple of older people and even kids have signed up here.

Once you have mastered the art of diving, let Nautilus take you through the many beautiful dive sites in Bali. The dive Sites really vary depending on your expertise but rest assured each site is loaded with its own array of wonders. Most sites are quite suitable for beginners but there are some more challenging regions that are just meant for the experts. You can explore the many caves and shipwrecks found underwater and enjoy an unmatched adventure of a lifetime. With the Nautilus, you can either choose a Day trip under the Ocean, a package Safari or even a customized safari if you have different interests; the Nautilus makes it all possible, fun and absolutely memorable.

After an interesting day exploring the oceanic worlds of Bali, come home to the Anantara Seminyak Bali. This is one Bali Resort you are sure to fall in love with. With a backdrop to awe and services to pamper this is an excellent choice of the Resort in Bali on offer.